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At Saanvi Technologies, we’re obsessed with technology. Its power to change everything. Technology fuels our passion for and commitment to helping organizations do what they set out to. When we engage, we bring fresh ideas that help you galvanize your performance. Refine your strategy. Spark new energy. The future—and how we get there—depends on those who build, connect, create and transform our world. The most successful and innovative businesses are already doing it, and we’re skilled experts at bringing in the team they need to thrive.

We care for our people

Our team and our clients are on the front lines of building a future that’s better for everyone. We do our best by them—personally and professionally—by supporting and celebrating one another, fostering growth and connection, and inspiring achievement in all its forms.

We team up with our friends

Our business puts people to work in valuable ways; it makes sense to support organizations that do the same. By donating to groups that provide tech learning, training and job support. By investing in educational scholarships for the military. And by partnering with educators who are focused on bridging the gap in critical STEM learning.

We look after our environment

To minimize our carbon footprint, we’ve adopted strategies to reduce our energy and paper consumption, responsibly dispose of electronic waste, use green office supplies and take advantage of single-stream recycling.

We do business the right way

Our Code of Conduct reflects our values by providing guidance and holding our people to the highest ethical standards—from making decisions in complex situations to reporting violations when they occur.


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Flexibility built in

Saanvi Technologies is an IT Solutions Company providing cost effective and high-performance IT Business Solutions, Consulting and Engineering Services.Our experience with a diverse customer base and our expertise with the latest technologies enable us to bring innovative ideas, enhance user experience and streamline design concepts. Saanvi's delivery model has brought great success and high quality services to our customers.

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Are you using technology to propel your business forward? Saanvi can help you do it with our broad range of technology services. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business challenges and develop a creative solution that helps you achieve your goals. Learn more about our technology services:


Solve business problems and tap into new business opportunities with our big data solutions covering storage, applications and analytics.


We’re not cloud-first, we’re cloud-everything. Building, moving, storing and optimizing everything you already do—and everything you want to do—in whatever cloud platform best fits your future.

Data analyst

Make decisions, not guesses. We do more than just collect data. We help you make sense of it and act on it intelligently.

Devops & Automation

Inertia is the enemy of innovation. Together, we’ll evolve your apps, fast-track your pipeline and build a world-class architecture that runs at the speed of ambition

Testing service

Saanvi Technologies application testing services focus on potential problems and establish testing as a competitive practice backed by the domain knowledge. Millennium Technologies has vast expertise in software testing across a wide range of applications/ domains including the healthcare market, high intensity web applications.

Recruitment And Staffing

Saanvi technologies provide Recruitment and Staffing services to many industries and domain through our innovative and customized solutions and passionate commitment to research. Ability to understand the hiring strategies, availability of talent and compensation benchmarking makes us proud hiring partner for various industries.

Business Process Management

Saanvi Technologies works with you to optimize productivity, improve performance and reduce time-to-market. Our end-to-end business process management services span across process discovery, documentation, integration and automation to accelerate product development and encourage innovation.

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